Laptop power DC Jack Repair

It can be so frustrating when a Laptop has a damaged DC Jack or Power connector. You barely cant use it. Good news is DC Jack can be repaired. Most repair centers would advise to have your Laptop replaced or get you another motherboard. Be warned and dont listen to them!

We are proffessional Laptop repair centre and we can repair your DC power Jack in minutes. No matter where you are in South Africa, we will help you. If you are not in Western Cape area or close to our repair center in bellville, you can use your local courier to send your Laptop to us and we will sort it out in minutes and you will have it back like brand new!

Typical DC power jack related symptoms we can fix:

  • You have to move or bend the power plug to get your laptop to charge
  • Laptop will not charge at all
  • Intermittent charging
  • System will not run with or without battery inserted
  • Charge light goes on and off when you move the power cable
  • Screen changes from bright to dim randomly or with movement of the power adapter


We carry many of the most popular laptop power jacks in stock, but it may take up to 1 week for the laptop power jack to arrive. Call us now for availability of your laptop power jack.


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